Endothelial microscope Topcon SP-1P

It is now available the endothelial microscope Topcon SP-1P.

The Topcon specular microscope, SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency.

A large rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a control lever, and can be turned to various angles, for better interaction with the patient.

By simply tapping on the center of the patient’s pupil displayed on the monitor, this specular microscope automatically centers, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image.

The space saving features combined with its ease of use makes the SP-1P, specular microscope, the instrument for a new generation in eye care.

It gives the opportunity to have an extremely accurate exam of the endothelial cells of the cornea before cataract surgery and a precise evaluation in corneal dystrophies.


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