Glaucoma surgery

When the eye pressure is very high and it can’t be controlled by pharmacological therapy (drops) and vision field gets worse, glaucoma surgery is the only choice. If the eye pressure is not so high, we suggest a day laser treatment. It is carried out in the space between iris and cornea and it’s useful to increase the discharge of aqueous humor in the eye and to lower intraocular pressure. It is effective in the 80% of cases, but its duration is time limited (after few years, eye pressure tends to increase again).
If eye pressure is very high and vision field is badly damaged, or also if the laser treatment loses its effectiveness, you need glaucoma surgery.

Most popular glaucoma surgery is trabeculectomy. It is a day surgery procedure in topic anaesthesia. First of all, the surgeon creates a scleral pocket under the conjunctiva. Through a small hall here, there is a filtration of aqueous humor which lowers the intraocular pressure forever. The day after treatment, patient can resume normal activities, just paying attention not to rub the eye for the first 2 weeks.

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