Corneal topography and Scheimpflug camera

Sirius is a high-precision tool for studying the anterior segment and for three-dimensional corneal analysis. By combining the Scheimpflug technology, which allows to measure ocular structures, and Placido-based technology, for determining elevations and curves for the anterior surface, Sirius is essential for the diagnosis and the preoperative and postoperative evaluation for refractive and cataract surgery.
Information are available on both the front and the back surfaces of the cornea for diagnostic, surgical or follow-up purposes. You can simultaneously display up to six maps organized in a standard summary or in three customizable summaries.
The Summary of the Keratoconus focuses on the risk of ectasia. Thanks to the combination of different morphological representations – thickness, front and rear elevation, front and rear tangential curvatures – and through specific indexes with specific regulatory ranges, this summary helps in the diagnosis of keratoconus also in very advanced stages. Aberrometric analysis provides a complete overview of corneal aberrations. It is possible to select the front, back or total corneal contribution for different pupil diameters. A fully integrated pupil module with topography allows measurements of the pupil’s size and her decentralization in controlled scotopic light (0.04 lux), mesopic (4 lux), photopic (50 lux) and dynamics.

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