• Ophthalmology Surgery Center Fioravanti

Ophthalmology Surgery Center Fioravanti

Dr. Fioravanti Ophthalmology Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art-facility which has grown following the evolution of research and techniques in ophthalmologic field.

In the structure, we carry out complete eye examinations, orthoptic exams, fluorescein angiography, visual field tests, corneal pachymetry, corneal topography, biometry and OCT.

Also yag laser and argon laser treatments are performed.

Here are also carried out cataract surgery in topic anesthesia with the implant of intraocular lens through phacoemulsification, glaucoma and strabismus surgery, intravitreal injections, eyelid surgery.

Dr. Fioravanti executes surgery with Femtolasik excimer laser to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism correction.

Who turns to us is at the center of our attention and is enabled to understand the real nature of his problem



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P.zza Trento e Trieste, 2/2
40137 Bologna

tel. 051/392798
fax 051/343246


via Marconi, 12
40062 Molinella

tel. 051/882351


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